Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, and flowers of plants.  They are the plant’s natural defense mechanism against bacteria, viruses and diseases that attack the cells. One drop of essential oil contains hundreds of unique compounds offering powerful chemistry for fighting many different ailments and diseases.  Essential oils don’t just treat symptoms; they work at the root of the problem – at the cellular level.  

I use essential oils for myself and for my family's health.  Have a rash?  I have an essential oil for that. Congested and need help breathing and sleeping soundly through the night?   I have one or two extremely effective oils to help!  Have trouble waking up in the morning and feeling energized?  I have an essential oil that does the trick!  Have seasonal allergies? Essential oils can be extremely effective in clearing nasal passages and stopping itchy eyes... Need something to clean your dishwasher?  or washer or dryer?  I can suggest great oils to use!  

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and/or ordering them, click here.  

I also use them to make many of my own personal care products.  As I have shared them with clients and friends, they want more!  So, I created my Happy Skin personal care line.  I offer Happy Skin Essential Oil Deodorant and Happy Skin Essential Oil Bug Spray.    

Conventional deodorants and bug repellants are full of toxic chemicals damaging to our health. Most of us know this already but many natural products don’t quite do the job. Happy Skin does it and does it well!  I use organic, raw coconut oil, high quality baking soda and 100% certified therapeutic grade essential oils in my deodorant. My homemade bug spray is made with seven different essential oils combined with my unique astringent blend.  I only use the highest quality, 100% certified therapeutic grade organic oils.  My formula repels mosquitoes and other pesky bugs effectively, and is packaged in a blue glass bottle that blocks UVA/UVB rays.   

To enjoy these pure, all-natural products made by hand, email me at  You can also pick up a jar of deodorant or a bottle of bug spray at Oasis Salon in Rockville, MD.  Or order them right here online.  See paypal buttons below.

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I cannot tell you how long I've been seeking a natural deodorant that actually works!  Thank you for creating such an awesome product!  I absolutely love this stuff!

Kristin, Washington, DC

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