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I lost 40 pounds with Lori in which I will be forever grateful.  Lori was such a joy to work with - she was very easy to talk to and very open minded.  She helped me make simple swaps to choose healthier options, and taught me how to become more mindful of what I was eating.  I was also able to finally figure out how to commit to an exercise regimen on a regular basis, which made me feel great.  I also loved learning about nutrient-rich superfoods.  I feel stronger, healthier and happier.  Thank you Lori! 
Teddy, Silver Spring, MD

Making the decision to work with Lori was a game changer for me. She taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food which ultimately led to significant weight loss. More importantly, I was able to cut my cholesterol levels in half in just 3 months. I am close to being able to get off of my Crestor medication all together!!

During my time with Lori, we tackled topics such as emotional triggers for eating, the importance of being aware of where your food comes from, how to navigate healthy eating in social situations, creating exercise routines that are realistic for my lifestyle, the important role sleep plays in overall health, and so much more. I now feel that food is not the enemy -- which has changed the overall quality of my life. I can't thank Lori enough.
Laura, Washington, D.C.

Before I started working with Lori, my energy level was low, my commitment to exercise was irregular, and I was unsure of which foods served my body best for optimal health. I had always been an advocate for good nutrition and fitness, but was unable to consistently maintain healthy eating habits and movement on a consistent basis. I was also addicted to sugar and it was hard to pass up each time it was presented. I just knew I needed some additional support and guidance when I saw the numbers on the scale looming higher than I felt comfortable with and sought out Lori’s expertise to reach my goals.
After working with Lori, I am almost 20 pounds down and she has revolutionized the way I think about eating. I have curbed my sugar cravings, eat lots of greens, drink plenty of water, have lots more energy, and sleep a whole lot more. My clothes are fitting much better and some are even falling off of me! I truly enjoyed each of our sessions and couldn’t wait to find out what new ingredient she was going to pull out of her bag for me to try. I like how Lori taught me about good nutrition and slowly introduced me to new foods. I’ve learned from her not only how to crowd out the unhealthy foods with ones that are wholesome and nutritious, but also the significance of making the other areas of my life like, my relationships, life’s work, and self-care, much more important than food.
I absolutely LOVE working with Lori and adore her! She means so much to me and has truly changed my life. I can only imagine where I would have been had I not made the decision to work with her. Lori is warm, kind, engaging, patient, and genuine. She celebrates your wins, encourages you when you fall, and helps you strategize when you get stuck. Lori, thank you for doing what you do! Our world needs you as you are changing lives now one person at a time and the lives of future generations.
Jennifer, Gaithersburg, MD

I have never felt so much happier with so little effort! I am going to sleep on time and waking up happy, rested, and feeling optimistic. Our process made me realize so much. You have been the best support I could have ever asked for. I have learned so much from you and treasure your intelligence, knowledge, and most especially your caring. I feel so fortunate to have met you. I've made changes because of what you have taught me. I really attribute my success to who you are, how you are, what you know and, most importantly, what you have given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Lis, Bethesda, MD

Working with Lori has been a life-changer, and a joy. When I started working with Lori, I had finally given up eating wheat most days of the week. Lori would always help me take things one step further, and in this case she encouraged me to give up sugar most days of the week as well. She also strongly suggested that I be diligent about getting an additional two hours of sleep per night. That triad of no sugar/no wheat/enough sleep made me feel like I had energy again! I was concerned about having another child because I was so energy depleted - how could I add another one to our already-busy parenting? But after working with Lori, I did get pregnant and was no longer worried about lack of energy - now I can have the energy I need, just from nutritional changes and more sleep.

From there we went to adding dark-leafy greens into the routine, and adding in strengthening calisthenics in addition to my regular aerobic regimen. In short, Lori would take where I was at and ask, "How about..." and offer a reasonable addition to the regimen.

You can Google anything, but all the information on going wheat free and sugar free didn't help me - it was merely cerebral. Theoretical. I needed to really speak to someone whom I trusted, and get personal support for the changes I wanted. Working with Lori brought theory into practice.

Lori is my cousin, and I've known her all these years as someone who will put her heart and soul into whatever work or other projects she's engaged in. Most importantly, the way she so personably interacts with people - she could be anyone's cousin.

Thank you, Lori!
Chaya, Jerusalem, Israel

I want to thank you for your tremendous work with me.  I truly feel like I was asleep and now I'm awake.  When I approached you to help me, it was because I was done with being unhealthy.  I wanted to learn how to eat and live.  Food is a part of our life and I wanted to have a healthy approach.  I thought I already knew a lot, and I would just learn a few new things.  I never expected to have a life changing experience.  

I filled out my health history thinking I was just sharing information.  What was incredible is that by the end, I had an answer for each of my ailments.  It is so nice to be able to have three healthy meals a day with no guilt.  Only a knowledge that what I am giving my body is nurturing.

I was truthful with you about my love for dessert and how I wanted to figure out a way to include it in my life.  I never felt judged, only supported.  It's so exciting to know how to be healthy about sweets too.  The recipes you shared are an everyday part of my life.  My commitment to exercise with your support has been empowering.  I have learned what to put in my body and how to honor it.  Of course I share this knowledge with my husband and children. Even if they accept some of it and resist some, my children have the information at a younger age, and it will only help them to grow up healthier.

I feel better, I sleep better and I wake up better.  Thank you so much for making such a difference in my life!
Wafaya, Rockville, MD

I am extremely thankful that I was led to you and that you have become a part of my life. Your services, kindness, and knowledge were the exact thing that I was seeking. All those little tweaks you have taught me have made a huge difference in my life.  I am forever grateful to all that you have done for me and continue to do for me.
Kristine, Silver Spring, MD

Working with you has changed my life!! I feel so good and energized. Greens are such a part of my life now, and it is so nice to be able to go out in the back yard to my garden to get them!
Robin, Knoxville, TN                                                                                                                                                                

Thank you for such an informative presentation of such great info.  Your course was by far the most interesting (and fun) course I took at that meeting.  My only complaint was that it wasn't longer!  You could have kept us there for 3 hours and people would have still wanted more.
Kam, participant at my Wellness Workshop at the Nation's Capital Dental Meeting in Washington, DC 

Lori’s lecture was one of the most well received and highest ranked courses of our entire 3-day meeting. By her unique ability to engage with others, she was able to provide essential, pertinent and simple-to-follow knowledge and had the participants wanting to stay longer and clamoring for more.  Who doesn’t Want to Lose Weight and Live More?!  Lori’s “must have” information not only makes it easy but fun to do with the entire family.  In just one class, I’ve not only made significant uncomplicated changes but I am enjoying the process and feeling more energized as well.
Dr. Mike Pollowitz, Clinical Director, Nation’s Capitol Dental Meeting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Lori, your talk on energy was amazing!! Not only was the content phenomenal but your presentation was beyond fantastic. You are measured, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about your topic, and you got everyone in the room excited. I was so very inspired!  
Alex W., participant at Energy Boosters and Busters Workshop in Bethesda, MD

Lori, thanks so much for your great presentation to our Kindergarten class.  We all enjoyed your lesson and learned so much.  Our students are proudly showing us what they have in their lunch that is healthy and good for their bodies.  The way you presented the material made such an impact on the children.  Thank you!!!  
Rhonda and Sara, CESJDS Kindergarten Teachers

Thank you SO, SO much for such a wonderful program this morning to our first graders.   It really was fantastic, prefectly age appropriate and you got the kids so excited about all of those healthy foods you brought.   I think they lasted for about two minutes during our snack!   What an impact you have made.  Thank you!                
Ms. Hiatt, CESJDS First Grade Teacher

Lori gave a spectacular presentation as part of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s staff development series. Her theme, Smart Nutrition for Busy People, garnered intense interest and while it was an optional lunch-and-learn, the turnout was far greater than any other topic we’ve organized. Lori’s energy and passion resonated deeply throughout the hour she spent with us. Her tips were concrete, practical and delivered in easily digestible nuggets. I’m delighted to recommend Lori with unparalleled enthusiasm.
Paul Entis, Director, Jewish Food Experience

I cannot stress enough how excellent you are. Really perfect and positive way of presenting.
Linda, Bethesda, MD

I love Mommy's green smoothies!  They make me healthy and strong like Superman!
Simon Bard, Lori's 10-year-old son

Simon drinking smoothie
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